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A delicious mission to break dumb, commercial stereotypes.

Have you ever gone to a Chinese restaurant and realise there’s no Chinese people eating there? Same goes for Greek, Indian, Mexican food - you name it. International food lost even its own people because of dumb, commercial stereotypes that wiped off its soul, flavour, culture and craft.

Our immigrant chefs take you below the surface of what international food “should be” and bring you delicious food that we have all been missing out. They cook for you food from their home countries with flavours that make your soul weep from joy!


What people say about us

“I got so much love for the food. Choosing you was a no-brainer: the same happened last time. So, here I forward that love to you. Make sure to share some of it with the chefs!”
Set HallströmCommunity Manager
“Last night we asked the participants what they enjoyed the best and most of them shouted: Food!!!”
Erika SzentmartoniProgram Coordinator

Order & Contact

Email us:catering@gastronaut.me
Call us:+46 (0) 76 760 2108

At Gastronaut we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, French and bad Swedish. Not Swedish…BAD Swedish. We try to learn and practice the language with every chance we get. Kind of like this:

Om du kontaktar oss vi kan inte lova att vi ska svara på svenska. Det vi kan lova är att vi ska erbjuda till dig den bästa customer service du har någonsin fått. Vi kan också lova att du och dina gäster ska verkligen njuta av extremt god och minnesvärt mat. Den bästa maten du har aldrig smakat!

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