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The only catering food that will make a lasting impression on your guest’s taste buds and minds. The most delicious food from the never-before-seen multicultural food scene of Stockholm. The only food with immediate socioeconomic impact and a unique story behind every single meal.

Meeting, seminar, conference, or party in Stockholm? Gastronaut Catering will contribute to making your event more exciting.

Regardless of the size of your budget food is going to be a big part of it.. With Gastronaut Catering, you can transform a food expense into an asset that can truly make your event even better.

What really matters is this: you can be a great host who brings your guests delicious food that helps even more to make your event worth talking about.

The only question that you need to ask yourself is this: can you have a better event with Gastronaut Catering, or without it?

Meet some of our international chefs
Vijay works at the most famous vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm. He says “Cooking for Gastronaut, I can now cook the way I want. Real food. Real ingredients. Better food. Authentic flavours.”
“Traditional food is about treasures that have survived through time and made it into your plate today”, Naqshab says. According to her compatriots, Naqshab's food is the best or second best in Stockholm.
Lao Zhao
LaoZhao practices the lost art of handmade noodles and buns. His aim is to always achieve great texture and flavour. LaoZhao makes amazing dishes that we have been missing out in Europe for centuries.
If your mom is not Peruvian, then you are in luck because Gabriela will share and cook for you the best Peruvian food.“Just the way my mom used to make it back home. Well, better!”
”Last night we asked the participants what they enjoyed the best and most of them shouted: Food!! 😬😬”
Erika Szentmartoni - Event Planner
FemTech Startup Weekend at SUP46

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