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CSR is now as easy as eating!

Whether your company takes Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives or not, whether you personally want to make the world a better place - it doesn’t matter when you order from Gastronaut. You're doing it anyhow!

Let us show you the impact that you have on society and the lives of immigrants when you order from us, by not drawing a complicated diagram because it’s easy as ABC.

The more you eat, the more good you do.
That simple, that good!


See the various serving options to give your guests the best experience!

Catering For Companies

Spend less time planning and more time enjoying the food that’s right for you!

White Guide 2018 Award Normination

Gastronaut is the only Swedish catering company to be nominated for a prestigious culinary award.

Meet some of our chefs

Some of the wonderful people who cook your delicious food!


At Gastronaut we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, French and bad Swedish. Not Swedish… BAD Swedish. We try to learn and practice the language with every chance we get. Kind of like this:

Om du kontaktar oss vi kan inte lova att vi ska svara på svenska. Det vi kan lova är att vi ska erbjuda till dig den bästa customer service du har någonsin fått. Vi kan också lova att du och dina gäster ska verkligen njuta av extremt god och minnesvärt mat. Den bästa maten du har aldrig smakat!

some of our clients and partners
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