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Join our international community of amazing Gastronaut chefs!

You don’t have to be a professional chef to work with us. All you need is love for cooking delicious food and a smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a Gastronaut chef?Yes! Anyone who enjoys cooking can be a Gastronaut chef. It doesn't matter if you have only cooked for your family and friends or if you have had professional training. What matters is that you cook finger-licking-good food, have a professional attitude and a smile!
Why should I become a Gastronaut chef?For two reasons: first, you can earn an income while bringing your passion, culture and personality to the table and share your passion for great food. Second, if your culture is not represented in the food industry, if it is misrepresented or you think the world has been missing out on something delicious from your home-country then you should definitely join us! At Gastronaut, we aim to break food, social and cultural stereotypes together with you, using delicious food as the perfect vehicle. We strongly believe that stereotypes damage the reputation of people, countries and cultures from around the world while they also deny locals access to real cross-cultural knowledge, appreciation and delicious food.
So, how does it work?In short, you focus on cooking and we do everything else. When there is a request for your dishes you will receive an order from us, you confirm the order, you cook and we deliver to our clients.
Will people know that I cooked my food?Of course! Our customers are always informed about who cooked their food and get a little background about you. We are proud of our chefs and we always put them forward! In some cases our customers ask Gastronaut chefs to attend their events in order to share some stories about their food, their culture and themselves.
How do I get paid?You will just invoice us. Don’t worry, it is super easy! We’ll guide you through it :)
Do I need to start a company?No you don’t but it is best that you do. Starting a company (enskild firma) is to your benefit as you can deduct a lot of expenses, keep your economy in order and earn a higher profit margin. It will also make it easier when the time comes to declare your taxes. Don’t stress about it, it super easy to start a company and we will guide you through it. However, whether you start a company or not, you still have to go through food safety and hygiene inspection by your municipality (see “where do I cook?” for more details).
How much do I get paid?As an independent partner, you decide your prices. We can guide you according to market prices and reach an agreement together that is mutually beneficial.
How often do I need to cook?You don’t need to cook. You do it because you love it, so it’s completely up to you! However, your availability plays a big role in order to appear on our menu, earn a reputation with customers and also to be able to earn a significant income.
In what areas is Gastronaut available?For the time being, Gastronaut operates and offers its services exclusively in Stockholm.
Where do I cook?Most of our chefs cook at home. Once we clear a trial period we will train you and guide you on how to get registered for a food business license through your municipality. Your home kitchen will be inspected by the same inspectors who inspect restaurants and they will also test your knowledge on hygiene and food handling. We will train and guide you through everything including food safety and hygiene regulations. If you own or rent a professional kitchen that is registered you are welcome to cook from there.
How do I get the food to the customers?You don’t, we do that. Once you go through the trial period, get registered and inspected by your municipality, we will make transportation arrangements together depending on which area of Stockholm you live in.
Does Gastronaut charge me?No, we do not charge you anything! On the contrary we provide you with high quality food boxes for free, promote you to our customer base, do marketing, take care of logistics, client communication and also train and guide you through food safety/hygiene regulations. Additionally, we can help you with setting up your company and declaring your taxes. We do this so you can focus your energy and passion in what you love - cooking.


At Gastronaut we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, French and bad Swedish. Not Swedish… BAD Swedish. We try to learn and practice the language with every chance we get. Kind of like this:

Om du kontaktar oss vi kan inte lova att vi ska svara på svenska. Det vi kan lova är att vi ska erbjuda till dig den bästa customer service du har någonsin fått. Vi kan också lova att du och dina gäster ska verkligen njuta av extremt god och minnesvärt mat. Den bästa maten du har aldrig smakat!

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