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How do I order?Just click here to request an offer or on the orange button on the top left of this page.
How long in advance can I place an order?Orders up to 99 servings are accepted until 5 working days before the event date. For 100+ servings pre-order time is 10 working days. However, if you have a last minute request, we always do our best to make it work!
What is the minimum order I can place?Usually we do not take orders below 20 people but we always make sure to accommodate everyone! So don’t hesitate to Request an offer.
What is the maximum number of people you can serve?With good organisation and planing everything is possible. We have served many multiple-day conferences and events hosting several hundred guests and serving everything from breakfast to dinner, all in the same day. Request an offer or email us at catering@gastronaut.me and we’ll get back to you asap.
In which locations do you deliver?We deliver to the greater Stockholm area (Storstockholm).
Do you deliver to the Stockholm archipelago islands?Yes and no, depending on the distance from central Stockholm and ease of accessibility. For more information click here to request an offer, make sure you write in the Special Requests section where you want the delivery, and we will get back to you asap
Do you charge for delivery?Delivery fees vary from 0kr to 1000kr (excluding 25% VAT) depending on the distance and the size of your order. When you request an offer we will inform you if a fee applies to your order.
Do you cater for private groups or only for companies?We cater for both companies and private groups. When you Request an offer choose “company” or “private” so we can give you price with or without VAT, accordingly.
There is no kitchen at our location. Can you still provide us with catering?Absolutely! We cook everything in our premises right before your event and transport the food in HACCP approved containers that preserve the right temperature.
How long before my event do you deliver the food?It depends on the size of your event and the type of serving. Usually we arrive 20 minutes to 1 hour before your guests are ready to eat. This includes setting up everything beautifully at your location.
Can you accommodate allergies?Absolutely! Most of our dishes take into account common allergies, but be sure to communicate to us your specific request. It is important to note that our food may contain traces of allergens as it is not made in a 100% allergen-free environment.
How will my guests know which dishes they could be allergic to?All of our food signs display key dietary information on the top, and a detailed list of ingredients on the bottom so your guests can self-control with confidence.
Can you do an all-vegan or all-vegetarian menu?Yes - the best vegan/vegetarian food you have ever tasted! Vegan and vegetarian food is an integral part of the cultures that our international chefs represent - food that in Sweden we have been missing out on for centuries due to commercial stereotypes. For example, did you know that Greek food culture has always been based on vegan/vegetarian food, as opposed to the meat-based dishes commonly served in Greek restaurants? To request a vegan/vegetarian offer tailored to your needs click "Request an offer"
Do you provide waiters, porcelain, glasses, etc?Absolutely! We can provide experienced waiters that will pamper your guests and take care of everything before you even think about it. We can also provide and set up porcelain, wine glasses, silverware, fabric napkins, tablecloths and more. Click here for more details. Make sure to let us know in the Special Requests section if you want porcelain, waiters or other.
Do you serve food box, buffé or a three-course banquet?Absolutely! You can click here to request an offer and receive a tailored recommendation according to your needs. Alternatively you can read morehere about our serving options and for which kind of events we recommend each option.
What is your cancelation policy?Cancellations 7 days or more prior to your event are free of charge. Cancellations 2 to 6 days prior to your event will be charged 40% of your order. Cancellations up to 48hrs prior to your event will be charged 75% of your order.
I have placed an order with Gastronaut but the number of guests changed at the last minute. Can you adjust the order accordingly?We can accommodate changes of ±10% in the number of portions up until 48hrs before your event. In some cases we may be able to accommodate changes in the number of portions up to 24hrs before your event.
Can I make changes to an order I have already confirmed and finalised?We try to accommodate all changes. However, it depends on the changes that you request and how much time before your event you notify us.
Where can I find your prices?You can find our prices for different types of serving here and prices for our food options in our menu here Keep in mind that these prices may range according to your needs/requirements and the size of your order. For accurate information on pricing you can click here to request an offer and a dedicated catering manager will get back to you with a menu recommendation that meets your needs and budget.
Do your prices include VAT (in Swedish: moms)?Our prices on the website do not include VAT. If you are a private group click here to request an offer and make sure to select “private” so we can send you a tailored offer that includes VAT.
Do I need to pay for a preliminary booking?No, you don’t.
When do I have to pay for my order?Private groups are required to complete the payment before the date of the event. Companies and other organisations will be sent an invoice on the day of or after the day of your event.
What forms of payments do you accept?You can pay with bankgiro, bank transfer, swish, credit card or debit card. Our standard receipt of payment is bankgiro, so let us if you prefer a different payment method so we can send you the relevant information. A fee of 1,4% on the total amount of your order applies on card payments only.
Where is your restaurant?We get this question a lot. It flatters us that you may want to visit our restaurant but we regret to inform you that we do not operate one. We focus 100% on catering so we can offer the best possible food and service.
I googled you but I cannot find your company information. Are you a real company?Hehe, yes, we are very real! Gastronaut Catering is the trademarked brand name under which we operate. The legal name of our company is MIKAPP AB, based in Stockholm.
Where are you located?Gastronaut is located on Valhallavägen 79, 11427 Stockholm. Our office is not open to spontaneous visits, however, we would be very happy to receive you by appointment. Just email us at contact@gastronaut.me.


At Gastronaut we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, French and bad Swedish. Not Swedish… BAD Swedish. We try to learn and practice the language with every chance we get. Kind of like this:

Om du kontaktar oss vi kan inte lova att vi ska svara på svenska. Det vi kan lova är att vi ska erbjuda till dig den bästa customer service du har någonsin fått. Vi kan också lova att du och dina gäster ska verkligen njuta av extremt god och minnesvärt mat. Den bästa maten du har aldrig smakat!

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Gastronaut Catering™ is a MIKAPP AB company
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